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  • Product Name: Zeranols Immunoaffinity Column
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Product Name: Zeranols Immunoaffinity Column

Catalog No.: HCM5015/HCM5050B

Specification: 3mL 15/50T

Storage Condition: 2-8

Restriction: For research use only!

Intended Use

Zeranols Immunoaffinity Column with HPLC is a quantitative method for the detection of Zeranols in samples like liquid milk, milk powder, fermented milk, cheese, etc. Samples are purified by the Column before quantititated by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Immunoaffinity Column with HPLC can improve signal-noise ratio (SNR) and increase the accuracy of the detection results.


The detection is based in antigen-antibody reaction. The antibody is bound in the column. Samples are prepared by mixing with an extraction solution, blending and filtering. The extract is then applied to the column bound with specific antibodies to Zeranols. At this stage, the Zeranols bind to the antibody on the column. The column is then washed to rid the immunoaffinity column of impurities. By passing methanol through the column, the Zearanolare removed from the antibody. This methanol solution can then be injected into an HPLC system.

Kit Composition

Each kit contains Zeranols Immunoaffinity Columns of different specifications and one copy of Instruction for Use.

Zeranols Immunoaffinity Column Assay Procedure


1. Take out the column and remove the plug on the top; install the adapter and connect the other end of the adapter to the syringe (for 3ml column use only).

2. Fix the column with syringe on the Air-Pressure Controller.

3. Remove the plug on the bottom of the column and pass the filtered diluted extract completely through the immunoaffinity column at a rate of about 1-2 drops/second until air comes through column.

4. Pass 10 ml of distilled water through the column at a rate of about 2-3 drops/second for two times.

5. Remove the syringe from the column, place a test tube under the column and pass 1ml methanol solution for three times at a rate of 1 drop/second.

6. Dry the eluent by using nitrogen at 40.

7. Dissolve the residues by acetonitrile solution and filter through 0.22μm syringe filter to a sample bottle. Inject the dilute onto HPLC.

* The immunoaffinity column should be brought to room temperature, 22 – 25ºC prior to use.

* Drain the liquid in the column of last operation before start a new injection.

Result Interpretation

The content of Zeranols= Detected concentration × Dilution factor